iTalent for Career Services

iTalent is a state of the art career-, event and networking platform. It is a system that helps Career Services departments to manage their communities of students, graduates, companies looking for new talents and corporate partners efficiently and professionally.

Why iTalent can help you

Higher education institutes (HEIs) do not always realise this, but it is their community of people (professors, students, alumni and corporate partners) that makes the difference between a ’standard’ institute and one that is thriving.

It is our firm belief that making the most of this network is a core task for every HEI. And here the Career Services Departments play a significant role: especially these networks need to be managed professionally and efficiently - with the right tools for their target groups. Because: Your network is your capital!

It is tailored to the European higher education market. It is built by us - people like you that were unhappy with the available systems. We built it with the vision to secure the future of higher education communities by helping you to make the most of your network without losing control.