TalentWerk - how it all started

The idea for TalentWerk came about in 2015, when we, Patrik Sonderegger and Markus Kühne were working at the renowned University of St.Gallen in Switzerland. We shared responsibility for getting students in contact with companies, helping them to get the jobs they wanted and studied so hard for.

In a world that was ever more ‘web-based’, we realised that Universitites could offer much better service to students and companies if they had better systems. So, we started a search. And, being Swiss, we did that pretty thorough.

To our surprise (and frustration), we found nothing that met our needs. Yes, there were systems out there, but they were mostly tailored to way that American universities operate, which is very different from the European Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s).

On top, all these systems were designed to ‘get in-between’: they were cheap (even for “free”!), but they would make their money by getting the companies to pay for access to the students of St.Gallen via their portal. So, the University of St.Gallen would loose money – and even worst - the strong relationship with the companies and corporate partner. One main reason for students to join St.Gallen. For us, this was - and still is - unacceptable. In our view, the HEI’s should be at the heart of the matter, bringing companies and students together. This is the basis for building a deeper relationship with the companies. If you outsource that, you outsource some of your key assets!

So, we had the idea of building our own portal giving freedom and professionalism to the HEI’s to manage their career and alumni departments. We already worked with some great people: Marc Nüesch and Gilles Walz, who came on board rapidly to execute the vision into a great IT platform: iTalent was born, TalentWerk founded and in February 2016 the first client was ready to launch. Meanwhile, the TalentWerk-family grew, iAlumni was added and further family growth is to be expected....

Our employees

Markus Kühne

Business Development

Patrik Sonderegger

Market & Operations

Marc Nüesch

Senior Development

Gilles Walz

Development & CRM

Willem Koolhaas

Advisor for the Benelux

Ivan Cammarota


Justin Anderwert


Fabien Ruf

Junior Developer

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HSG Spin-Off company

We are an official Spin-Off from the University of St.Gallen (HSG).