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iCommunity for educational institutions & associations

Bring your community to the next level with iCommunity, our professional community solution for all your customer needs: Easy, quick and convenient for your community, your partners and… you!

With iCommunity, you can efficiently manage the entire value chain from interested parties to registration, course support and alumni management in one system.

We have the ideal solution for associations, alumni organisations and education providers. Our solution offers not only easy to use services for members, but also a tool for branch offices to efficiently implement various business processes - thanks to the powerful back-end system MS Microsoft Dynamics!

Why iCommunity can help you

For further education providers and associations, the ability to build networks (interested parties, members, students, alumni and business partners) is a central competence that makes the difference between a "standard institute/association" and a successful organisation. It is our firm conviction that it is a core task for all education providers and associations to make the best of these networks usable for themselves and their community. This can only be achieved through professional and efficient processing of the target groups with the right tools.

Your benefits

Good reasons for investing in iCommunity

iCommunity has been developed by experts in the field of education and is specifically designed for the European market.


iCommunity connects you with your members or students and graduates and connects them to a strong community.


iCommunity provides insight into your data. What are your members and interested parties looking for?


iCommunity is your own networking platform. All in one, modular and with your branding and configuration.


iCommunity will optimise your processes, your daily work and your relation management with a fully integrated and leading CRM, all in one package.


iCommunity offers a competitive and transparent pricing structure for every type of organisations.


iCommunity is based on leading, proven and save technology of Microsoft and is hosted at SWITCH in Switzerland.

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Features of iCommunity

iComunnity is modular and we are constantly expanding it with new functions and modules. With the Community Professional solution we offer you a platform with all necessary modules. For the Premium solution we have developed additional modules, which you can use as a whole package or as individual module extensions.


Event modules

Here you will find all the tools you need to publish and manage your events

Community Professional Solution:

Extension for Community Premium solution:


Network modules

You want to stay in constant contact with your members and partners? No problem! With our network modules you have various possibilities to communicate with your network.

Community Professional solution:

Extension for Community Premium solution:


Job modules

Here you will find all the tools you need to present exciting job offers

Community Professional solution:

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Reporting modules

With our reporting modules, you can keep track of your network. Our modules offer comprehensive filter and search options.

Community Professional solution:

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Mentoring & Fundraising

Are you starting a fundraising or offering mentoring programmes? Then we have the right modules for you!

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Consultation module

Guidance management directly via your platform

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Communication modules

Here you will find the right tools to communicate with your network

Community Professional solution:

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Extension modules

Here you will find all the tools you need to expand your platform

Extension for Community Premium solution:

Core modules from iCommunity

At the heart of all our solutions are the various core modules, which ensure that you get the perfect tool for your organisation

iCommunity consists of the following core modules and integrated services:

iCommunity Light

The Career Services Portal for smaller associations

Community Light:

In the Light solution, you do not have direct access to the CRM back-end. Nevertheless, we can guarantee the following functions:

With the light version, you control the platform via Umbraco's CMS. You can easily create and manage websites.